What is the cost of The Complete Solution?

As mentioned before, each property and property type vary. The needs of one property may be vary different than the needs of another property. For example, properties within the jurisdiction of cities like San Francisco with very strict diversion / recycling requirements as well as potential hefty financial penalties for not achieving those requirements will have very different needs than properties in other cities. In most instances, there is no added cost to a property for our services. To see Waste Remedy can do for you, please click here.

How long are the service agreements / contracts with Waste Remedy?

Waste Remedy believes in earning and keeping a clients business. We understand that clients are won and kept by maintaining the highest level of service, integrity and trust. We do not require our clients to sign any type of long- term contract. Most all of our services only require a 30-day notice. Our intent is to never lose your business once we have earned it.

Does Waste Remedy remove trash and/or recycling from a property?

No, we are not the hauler. The goal of Waste Remedy is to bridge the gap between properties and haulers. Haulers want reduced trash volume and increased uncontaminated recycling. Unfortunately, very few properties are really able to achieve this. That is where Waste Remedy comes in. This is the gap that our teams connect…reduce trash and increase recycling.

Can Waste Remedy implement a plan and then have us execute it?

Yes, we are happy to provide consulting services on what to do and what to implement to increase efficiencies. Recommendations and analysis are typically billed on an hourly rate. However, in order to realize maximum efficiencies, it is always recommended to have the teams at Waste Remedy actually service properties since this is what we specialize in and typically property maintenance teams do not have expertise or time to commit.

How quickly can Waste Remedy implement its process and begin servicing our properties?

Implementation of the Complete Solution can vary depending on the complexity of the situation and the amount recommendations. However, regardless of the situation, Waste Remedy will handle the process every step of the way to ensure a streamlined and hassle free process.

What types of properties and projects does Waste Remedy handle?

Our foundation was built on multifamily residential but our expertise expands to office, retail, industrial / warehouse, mixed use and now includes hotels, schools, big box retail and hospitals. Whatever the situation and regardless of the property type, Waste Remedy works with clients and partners to find the best solution.

What does Waste Remedy do?

The Waste Remedy team serves as consultant, janitorial company, junk / bulk item removal and community / environmentalist advocate for its client partners. Either from pre-development, repositioning, new acquisition or established properties, Waste Remedy works with clients to implement optimized waste / recycling servicing schedules and volume levels. This is only achieved because teams from Waste Remedy actually service properties anywhere between 3 – 5 days per week or as needed. In addition, Waste Remedy serves as the intermediary between clients and haulers in every way to ensure proper fulfillment of service changes and/or modifications.